About Me

My name is Kerem Cantekin. Since June 2023, I live in Istanbul. Though the name is “Kerem” is related to an Iranian legend, in my case inspiration of my name came from a famous poem “Burning Like Kerem” from Nazım Hikmet. I am an economist, writer of scientific articles, articles for popular websites, travel books, historical fiction novels; I am an activist, brother of my sister, who lives now in Italy. I believe in socialism as an ideology. Religiously I am agnostic, sometimes a little spiritual. 


I was born in Bursa, raised mostly in Istanbul, as a city kid, then lived in Ankara; New York City; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Güzelyurt, TRNC. I have studied in German School of Istanbul. I have graduated as a mechanical engineer from METU, Ankara Campus, gone to USA and had my master in New School University New York, and University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Then went to TRNC, METU Campus, and worked there for 5 years, between 2018 and 2023. 


I have 11 years of experienced at university level teaching. I have taught, both elementary and upper level courses, and three courses, Marxian Economics, Gender Economics and World Economy, I had designed completely by myself. I have taught in four countries, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey, USA and China and my class size varied from 3 to 100+ students. I have been coordinator of Economy and Policy Seminar Activity for a year and then the department coordinator of Economics Department in the METU, TRNC Campus for one and a half year . Besides that I have volunteered in Big Brothers and Sisters organization in Utah, and Ilkyar in Turkey, both focus on elementary (primary) school kids, lead and participated in volunteer activity for animal welfare in METU, TRNC campus. Having completed my PhD I am a doctor in economics. As an economist I am interested primarily in Labor Economics, Marxists and Keynesian Theory, Economics of Technology, Economics of Internet, Microeconomics and studying the way World Economy is functioning as a whole. 


I was also interested in political and social issues both local and global, local means local to wherever I live. In Utah, I joined a training program of a labor union just to experience it, also observed political movements like Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Anti-Trump Protests in USA. I have also observed state legislative process in Utah Congress, joined a meeting between Salt Lake City Police and the West Side dominantly Hispanic community. I have been writer in different political websites, like haber.sol.org.trsiyasetkahvesi.com . I have skill in analysis of social issues. I have also lead KAMPÜSSEN, the labor union at METU TRNC, at a time when the employer-employee disputes at the campus was at the highest level. 


Out of the several books I wrote, two of them are published, one of them has a co-writer, Gürhan Öztürk, Exile to Land of Sumer, one of them I wrote by myself, Before Istanbul Was Born, Byzantion. 


I also know beginner level Spanish and am willing to improve my Spanish and learn also Greek. I love sciences in general, social sciences particular, history, and cultures of all kind, ethnic, modern, generational, and travel.